"Hope" cover art, brightly colored pink, blue, and yellow geometric shape
“Hope” cover art

What is the story behind this song?
I wrote “Hope” in Austin, TX with two other people, and it was my very first song I ever released.

What was your inspiration for this song?
I needed to find hope in my own dreams, in my own ability to go against the grain and be successful in music. It was also a time that I was moving to Nashville, and I needed as much inspiration as I could get so in essence, I wrote the song partially for me.

Did you collaborate with anyone for this song? How did you meet them?
One was a producer in Austin, TX that I met at a music meetup. The other was a fellow afterschool preschool teacher who played cello.

Thinking back on this song now, would you make any changes?
I would love to remix this one to match my new sound but I’m proud of it and wouldn’t change anything.

When you listen to this song, does its meaning change for you over time?
I definitely feel like I’m on the road I dreamed of being on when I wrote it and that I’m finally “sailing” in the right direction.

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